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May 9, 2021

We’re excited to share the story of one of our teammates here at HQ. Cassie’s story is a beautiful one of redemption and the ongoing healing that is possible when you surrender your life to the Lord. Cassie has seen the power of what God can do as he’s redeemed her past of being an atheist who tried to convert people to not believing in God, to her broken marriage, and family dynamics.

Cassie is part of our programs team for a few years, and has been part of our broader FAITH RXD family for much longer. We’re honored she’s willing to share her testimony on the podcast.

We’re super excited to announce that we’re back in person! We’ll be hosting the True Strength FAITH + FITNESS Training Camp this May 14-16 in Miami, FL. Join us for a weekend of fitness, faith, and fun in the sun! For more info, visit